Mid-Infrared Workshop - Oxford University - March 21st

The UK Gemini Support Group, based at Oxford University, held a one day mid-infrared workshop at Oxford on Monday 21st March, 2005 which was attended by ~25 UK astronomers.

The UK community now has access to several mid-infrared instruments and facilities (Michelle and T-ReCS on Gemini, VISIR and MIDI on the VLT, Spitzer, TIMMI2 on the ESO 3.6m) many of which have only recently become available.

The aims of the workshop were to highlight the possibilities for mid-infrared observations and to support the UK community in its use of the various facilities, via instrumentation reviews, science talks and Gemini data reduction tutorials.

Links to presentations are provided (where available) in the programme summary below:

Morning - Mid-IR from space and ground
10:00-11:00Pat Roche Mid-IR from the ground - techniques & instrumentation pdf small size 0.6Mb, b&w pdf small size 1.4Mb, pdf full size 5.2Mb
11:00-12:00Dimitra Rigopoulou Spitzer instruments & results pdf 4.5Mb

Lunch - Mid-IR at Gemini
12:00-12:30Gemini data reduction tutorial
13:00-14:00Time for further discussion of data reduction issues

Afternoon - Mid-IR science
14:00-14:15Mark WyattMid-IR Imaging of Warm Debris Disks
14:20-14:35Matt BurleighSearching for dying solar systems
14:40-14:55Radmila TopalovicUnidentified IR emission in the Red Rectangle
15:00-15:15Janet BoweyLaboratory and observational studies of oxygen-rich dust in the Mid-Infrared
15:50-16:05Mikako MatsuuraMIR observations of late-type stars
16:10-16:25Monica GradyLaboratory-based IR studies of astrophysical dust
16:30-16:45Serena VitiHigh resolution water spectra of low mass stars using Michelle
16:50-17:05Paul AlexanderMIR observations and modelling of NGC520 and Arp220
17:10-17:25Ian WaddingtonThe Spitzer Wide-area Infrared Extragalactic Survey